Trading data for the new BSC/Defi era

3 min readFeb 26, 2021


The popular assumption that a year spent trading equals a month spent trading in cryptocurrencies on the stock market has become obsolete. The movements of a year in the stock market will occur in a matter of minutes, thanks to the advancement of decentralization and exchanges such as Pancake Swap or Bakery Swap, just to name a few.

The long and boring ICOS was replaced by much quicker IEOs, but the ultimate move was the opportunity to launch a project on the market in a matter of minutes, without KYC processes and on a global scale. To optimize the potential benefits, the speed at which one can join emerging projects is crucial.

New resources are required in this new scenario to provide real-time information about what is happening in the new decentralized markets. Established platforms do not react to that need, so we have formed BSCToolz as a community of enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency world for Binance Smart Chain.

BSCToolz’ vision and mision

From the beginning, our goal was to convert all the data provided by the APIs and the blockchain to an intuitive and fast graphical environment. The market moves so quickly that if you do that, when you make a decision, it is almost certainly too late. It is difficult to manually scan all the data.

BSCToolz has many features on the market that make it unique:

  • Real-time data with a graph starting from the token’s creation date, capitalization, volume, etc.
  • Buy and sell history showing the operations-related wallets. Since these wallets are publicly accessible, you can anticipate a particular user’s next step in advance and thereby benefit from this enormous advantage.
  • Suspicious or fraudulent token detection algorithms.
  • Tools that analyze major market fluctuations, which can help you defend your assets against possible market crashes in a stablecoin or re-enter the market when capital flow rises.

Smart Trading

When used efficiently, both of these methods include the concept of “smart trading”: maximizing the gains as soon as possible and with the lowest time commitment. Thanks to the vast amount of knowledge we have on a single platform at our disposal, we will gain a competitive advantage over other traders who do not have access to it. — second counts in a cryptomarket.


If the tools that give this advantage were to be open to everyone, the competitive advantage would be lost. So our model is based on the need to keep a large amount of BSCT tokens in order to prevent this situation in order to have access to the platform. The number of people who can have access is very small in this way.

40K BSCT will be needed to obtain full access to the service. Keeping 5K BSCT will offer access to our most common feature, Pancake Swap pair explorer with real-time data, and the time delayed pair explorer will stay free during the Beta process due to popular demand, free version does not store favorite pairs.

By paying a monthly subscription, it would be possible to access the service, but the most exclusive features will be reserved for major token holders for gold and silver access. They will have access, for example, to autotrading bots linked to the platform and to many more special features. We are going to announce the amount of BSCT required.

Finally, the BSCToolz team wants to thank all the traders who are going to enjoy our product.

BSCToolz is a fork of DEXTools on Binance Smart Chain.
BSCToolz team is not related in any way with Binance or DEXTools.

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